Friday, August 31, 2012

Fistful of Friday Freebies #3

Hello, Friends!

It's Friday again, and time for this week's fistful of freebies! Since so many of my readers are involved in making classroom resources, whether for your own use or for sale, this week I thought it would be fun to offer a list of clipart freebies from artists at Teachers Pay Teachers.

Please be sure to respect the work of these artists by reading and honoring the terms of use on these products.

Once Upon a Time Clipart by LitaLita is a huge assortment of towers, walls, balconies, characters, etc. - a medieval fairy tale collection!

I love these counting cube graphics from Charlotte's Clips so much that I used them in one of my own products!

It was hard to pick just one freebie from the many offered by Mel at Graphics from the Pond, but I really love these Crazy Ladybugs! Keep an eye on Mel's new graphics blog for a linky party just getting started... it's called Little Friendly Ghosts. I'm not much of a fan of ghosts and witches for Halloween, but, seriously, these little guys are loveable marshmallows!

These Color-Filled Frames are just one of the many awesome freebies offered by Michelle at the
3am Teacher. She has a terrific blog you'll want to visit, too - Michelle is always tossing out lovely freebies for followers to catch!

Bundle of Blooms is a pretty packet for spring or science products. It's from Krista Wallden.

Check back next week for five new freebies!
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Thanks for stopping by... happy teaching!


  1. Thanks for the freebies! I am your newest follower :)

    Ms. M

    1. You're welcome, Ms. M - glad you like them! Thanks so much for commenting and following.



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