Sunday, July 29, 2012

No-Sew Classroom Pillow DIY Project

Hi, Everybody!

Do you have one of those lovely reading centers, maybe with a couch and lots of comfy pillows? They're a wonderful way to warm up and soften a classroom, and more importantly to invite lots of reading!

But have you ever thought about how many different heads are using the same pillows? Ewww.

I used to have one of those long body pillows in my classroom. Every Friday (umm, when I remembered)  I'd unzip the case, struggle it off the pillow, and on Monday morning I'd be jumping up and down trying to squeeze the pillow back in again.

This little project is soooo much easier. You could probably cover 3 pillows in the time it took me to change that one cover, making it much more likely that you'll launder them once a week! Covering pillows this way is also cheaper than buying a zippered cover. There's even an easy way to get your students involved in the project.

You'll need:

*  A square or rectancular pillow. An old one from a thrift shop is fine for this - it'll be covered.

* Two pieces of fabric, larger than your pillow by at least 5 inches on each side.  For example, if your pillow is 12X12, you'll need 22X22 fabric. 10X14 would need 20X24, etc.

*  If you're using bandanas like I did here, they're already hemmed. If you're using plain fabric, you'll need to seal your edges so they won't unravel in the wash. Guess what? This is yet another use for ModPodge!

*  Four rubber bands

Here's how to do it.

1. Put the first piece of fabric face down and center the pillow on it.

2. Drape the second piece of fabric over the pillow, right side up. Tuck the edges of the top fabric under the pillow, leaving a little tail pulled out at each corner.

3. Roll the bottom fabric toward the center on two adjacent edges. Pull the tail that you left in the previous step so that it comes between the two rolled edges.

4.  Use a rubber band to secure everything at the corner. Or be fancier and use a length of yarn or ribbon.  I prefer the rubber band because if one breaks, you won't be hunting for a match to your other three corners.

5.  Do the same thing for all 4 corners. There's less shifting when you do the diagonals first, and then go back and do the other diagonals. If they need it, tuck the edges into each other. It's not a perfect seal at the edges, but it does the job just fine.
There you have it!

 I'd highly recommend a dirt-hiding print rather than a solid. I used the white bandana here only to make things hopefully easier to see in the photos.

Where's the student involvement, you ask? Create a new student job: Pillow Changer (Pillow Person?
Pillow Peolpe? I just know that you can come up with a cutesie name!) At the end of the day on Friday, that student's job is to take the covers off and hand them to you with the rubber bands. They're much more likely to remember to do it than you are, if you're anything like me!

Another easy project - enjoy!

          Here are a BUNCH more projects at Monday Made It on Fourth Grade Frolics!

Happy Teaching!

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    1. Nothing like an easy project, right? Enjoy!
      Thanks for your comment!

  2. Came over to follow you back and found this wonderful pillow covering tutorial! One of those "why didn't I think of that" moments.

    Math is Elementary

  3. Thanks, Julie - what a sweet comment!


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