Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Hundred Chart Games - Free!

The hundred chart is an amazing tool for early math. Whether it's for the way the patterns in the rows and columns reinforce the predictability and order in mathematics, or for the value of the chart as a computation tool, I think it's essential for primary grade students to essentially have an accurate and detailed hundred chart in their heads.

Of course, making that happen requires building familiarity and automaticity through frequent instruction and practice, practice, practice. Fortunately, kindergarteners and first graders love working with the hundred chart. (Think it might just be that they love big numbers and being able to count to 100? :)

Here's a set of 2 games that will build your little guys' strength in using the chart. They will locate and write numbers through 100, and also practice using place value (tens and ones) as a way to name numbers through 99. Click on the picture to download, print, and enjoy!

The "Time to Play" games are part of Hundred Chart Games: 20 Game Boards for 10 Primary Themes. Whether you're workiong on ladybugs or frogs, bunnies or penguins, this set has them... plus 5 more themes! Thanks for taking a look!

Do you have a hundred board activity that you'd like to share?
Happy Teaching!



  1. This is great for my students to practice!! Thanks for sharing!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. You're welcome, Lisa! Don't you just love hundred charts?

  3. Thanks! I love the spinner for the game for practicing place value. Great idea!


  4. You're welcome. Crystal. I like to squeeze in a little extra practice area with every game - hence, the spinner! :)

  5. A wonderful post and a great freebie! Thanks for sharing. Please check out my Blog; I am always looking for more followers :>)


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