Sunday, December 15, 2013

Life Cycle Models

Hi, Teaching Friends!

Have you seen these? Life cycle manipulatives - so cool!!

Sea turtle...

Honey bee...

I would have loved to have had this set for when we raised tadpoles in our classroom. Did I ever blog about sliding down the embankment to get "fresh" pond water (ewww) each weekend for the tadpoles? Some stories are best left untold...

My favorite: Monarch butterfly! I think we'd still make the model project with the twisted pipecleaner caterpillar and pasta chrysalis, but I'd definitely have to have this, too.

I saw these at Michaels and just had to share pictures with you. By the way, Michael's isn't paying me for this; in fact, don't forget to use that 40% off coupon!

Not to nag you, but... reminder: Winter Wonderings Riddle Set, 30% off today and tomorrow at my Teachers Notebook Shop.  $2.28! :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. Thanks for the great find! I just added a bunch of them to my Amazon wish list! I can easily write a Donor's Choose project for these and books to go along with them!

    What I Have Learned

  2. That is a great find! I am sharing on my fan page

    Pocket Full of Kinders


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