Saturday, November 16, 2013

From My Teachers Notebook Shop

Hello, Teaching Friends!

A few bits of news for you today from my Teachers Notebook shop...

* A big thanks to the 111 sweethearts who entered the giveaway last week for my Common Core Games for Winter set! Missed the giveaway? It's on sale today through Monday, along with these other winter resources!

Click on any of the covers to see the details!

* Check out today's Daily Deals at TN. You'll see Thanksgiving: Literacy, Facts, and Fun! At 40% off, it's definitely a deal that will help you keep the literacy learning going in the next two busy weeks. I love creating and using cross-curricular materials like this, and I hope you'll take a peek at this set!

* Also at TN ... did you miss last week's giveaway?  No prob, there's a new one this week! This time I'm giving away three copies of 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart, which is my all-time best seller and my personal favorite of over 200 resources that I've created. I'd love to share a copy with you, so stop by the Shop Giveaway page and enter! There are loads of giveaway products there!
I'm off for a day of shopping and lunch with a few of my dear friends from college. Aren't long-time friends a special treasure? And we are most definitely long-time ... we're talking decades, people, 'though I'm not going to say how many!  (okay,it's four, but don't spread it around!!)
I hope you enjoy your day, too!
Happy Teaching!


  1. We just came across your blog and love it, we get so excited to find more NJ bloggers! We would love if you stopped by and checked ours out.

  2. Where in NJ are you? You're the fourth I know of that teaches first - cool! We'll have to try to meet up sometime!


  3. Well, there are 2 of us, so we are in Red Bank and Cedar Grove. What about you? That would be great, there aren't many of us from NJ.

  4. Straight down the GSP in Bayville, south of Toms River. The other two NJ 1st grade bloggers I know of are in Hillsborough and Jackson. A get-together would be totally doable!


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