Thursday, May 9, 2013

Re-Work It Wednesday #2 -Camping!

Hi, Friends!

It's time again for another Re-Work It Wednesday Linky at Frog Spot, Mel's blog aka From the Pond. (Well, I almost got it done by Wednesday this week!)

Whenever I go back to work on revising a product, I'm amazed (sometimes horrified!) at what I see and grateful for your kind comments of approval that I've received in spite of it. As an example, I sure hope that anyone who purchased my Summer Camp pack never tried to use the Table of Contents. Apparently I was dozing or something while I put it together. Oops. Sorry!

So, my primary reason for working on Summer Camp was to add in the Common Core Standards. You'll find them in very tiny font right on each resource, which I've been thinking might be easier for you than hnting up the Table of Contents every time. Where do you prefer to have them listed? I'd love your comments on that, please!

After I finished the standards, I got looking at Campers' Zingo and decided to add in some more cards, which will enable you to have up to four students play this game at a time. I think that should help make it more versatile for you!

Oh, yeah... and I fixed up the Table of Contents, too! :)

So here's what's on the outside...

...and here's a sample of what's on the inside.


Click here for a FREEBIE from Summer Camp Fun, as well as links to some other ideas for your summer camp classroom theme!

It's still on sale at 20% off today at TPT and through Friday at TN.

Remember to click on the Re-Work It logo above to check out what everyone else has been busy revising! :)

Happy Teaching!


  1. I love the idea of going back to re-work things. Each time I use my materials with a new group of students, I think of a dozen things I could change or jazz up.

    Thanks for sharing!
    The Math Maniac

  2. With 190 products at TPT, and loads more freebies here, I could spend all of my time revising... and sometimes I think that might not be a bad idea at all!
    Thanks for your comment, Tara!



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