Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Turkey's Gone... and a freebie!

Hello, Teaching Friends!

I am truly grateful and humbled by the support you've shown to my Teachers Pay Teachers store this week. Last Sunday, I was very honored to have an ad for my 100 Riddles for the Hundred Chart selected for the TPT newsletter.  The sales of this set have been through the roof this week, and are helping to break all kinds of personal records for my store again this weekend. I am thrilled to think of how many children will be developing number skills with this resource! Thank you, my friends!

What better way to say thanks than with a freebie? Here's a set of short vowel sorting cards. There are 6 picture cards and 6 matching word cards for each of the vowels. Nothing fancy, but also no seasonal details, so you'll be able to use these with your small groups and in literacy centers all year, whenever you need them.

Are you wondering about the turkey in the title of this post? Well, for months (and months, and months, ...), my best-selling item was a Thanksgiving unit. which means that the first thing anyone saw when they came to my store was a big ol' turkey. Not that I wasn't grateful for the sales of the Thanksgiving unit, but, no kidding, I was starting to feel like The Turkey Store. Now there's virtually no chance of the turkey catching up with the 100 Riddles set. Yay!!! Thank you. :)

Happy Teaching!

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