Saturday, November 26, 2011

Great Freebies for You Through TPT!

Let's kick off this blog with some free items for all of you working-harder-than-ever-because-it's-December teachers! Here are a few great opportunities to get free products and ideas for your classroom...courtesy of some top sellers at Teachers Pay Teachers!

Beginning December 1st, Charity Preston will be having a "12 Days of Christmas" giveaway for subscribers to her free weekly newsletter. These are products by 12 different sellers, priced at their stores but free in this giveaway! Content will range from pre-school through high school, so be sure to tell your upper-grade teaching friends about this, too. This is not a contest; everyone who subscribes will be able to download all of these items! Sign up for Charity's newsletter through her blog at .

Another December giveaway is being offered by Rachel Lynette through her TPT store at . About 50 teacher/sellers have contributed pages to an upcoming holiday ebook. Each page will have links to free holiday items as well as a classroom teaching tip. You can also watch for this free ebook in the weekly TPT newsletter in early December.

Come back for more freebies, as well as bright ideas for your primary classroom!



  1. Thank you for the amazing word wall partner activities in the OC Blogs Newsletter! You rock!!!

  2. Glad you like it, Brian! Here's another one for you from my TPT store - also free! :)



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